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Accountancy management

Accountancy management

Keeping the accountancy of a company is essential when obtaining first-hand knowledge of the company’s situation. We offer our accountancy services for demanding customers seeking an ad-hoc service so that they can concentrate on their operations without having to worry about accounting issues.

Accountant service

Expenses management, treasury control, application of all accounting principles to your operations… Operational accounting so that you know the situation of your company at anytime.

Accountant plan

It is a fundamental aspect in management. Keep an orderly and systematized accounting allows you to have the control of your business.


The accounting statements on the economic and financial situation of the business helps make decisions to obtain better results.

Personalized accounting service

We solve all your doubts, and we also anticipate to offer improvement solutions. We are at your disposal.

Gestión de gastos, control de tesorería, aplicación de los principios contables a tus operaciones… Contabilidad operativa para que conozcas en todo momento la situación de tu empresa.

Es un aspecto fundamental en la gestión. Llevar una contabilidad ordenada y sistematizada permite tener el control de tu negocio.

Los estados contables sobre la situación económica y financiera del negocio te ayudan a tomar decisiones y así obtener mejores resultados.

Resolvemos todas tus dudas y también nos anticipamos para ofrecerte soluciones de mejora. Estamos a tu disposición.

MG Group

Miralbell Guerin is a law firm that was established in 1992 in Barcelona by brothers Luis and Mario Miralbell Guerin, which employs economists to provide coverage and support for companies and individuals in solving legal, tax and general business issues as extensively as possible.

CronoLegal is a LegalTech company specialising in mass debt recovery, which was established based on its accumulated experience in recoveries for different banks and investment funds with regard to: Legal + Management Efficiency + Technology.

Our team

We have a skilled team made up of professional economists and lawyers with a keen interest in training and innovation. We are also used to working with multi-disciplinary teams to offer a different, top quality service to customers. Our success lies in our capacity to anticipate our customers’ needs.


EuropeFides is a multi-disciplinary association of small and medium-sized independent tax, audit, accounting and law firms. The association was created with the aim of connecting trusted professionals with high quality services and expertise in their local jurisdictions and enabling them to compete in an increasingly international cross-border market. Since its creation, EuropeFides has grown rapidly as advisory firms recognise the need to participate in associations to be able to serve an increasingly international market. While initially focused on the European market, EuropeFides has branched out to Asia, the Middle East, Africa and North America. The association currently comprises experts from 45 member firms in 25 jurisdictions providing truly international coverage.

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