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Tax service

Tax Service

Constantly changing tax law requires special attention to avoid risks and contingencies in your company. Good tax advice is therefore an assurance for your business. MG Prime team employs professionals who will help you to optimise tax aspects of your company within the framework of tax law.

Tax statements

We present all the VAT, PIT, CIT, IAE tax declarations… It is important to keep them up to date so that contingencies do not raise up. We make a detailed follow-up and we attend to communications.

Intra-community operations statement

Operations within the European Union must be declared, and it requires to take care of all statements according to AEAT intra-community VAT.

Information statements to AEAT

Tax Form M347 is an annual informative statement about the operation with other parties. Tax Authorities compares the details of all relations between companies, therefore an impeccable management is essential.

Corporate Income Tax

We take care of presenting the corporate income tax for you. From the collection, updating and analysis of the data, up to the calculation of the percentage of corporate taxes and its annual presentation. Throughout moment, we advise you and look for the best option for your company.

Personal Income Tax

How to prepare my statement is a frequent question for professionals and individual people. It is common to have doubts. That’s why we advise and take care of the obligation of income tax on physical persons.

Requirements and notifications

When a requirement arrives to our company, we must be prepared to respond quickly and adequate. At MG Prime we know the processes of the requirements and notifications. We manage everything so that the procedure is satisfactory and does not imply an interruption in the rhythm of the organization.

Presentamos todas las declaraciones tributarias del IVA, IRPF, IAE… Es importante llevarlas al día para que no ocurran incidencias. Hacemos un seguimiento detallado y atendemos las comunicaciones.

Las operaciones con proveedores de la Unión Europea se deben declarar. Nos encargamos de todo: declaraciones de conformidad y operaciones de IVA intracomunitario de la AEAT.

O también llamado modelo 347. Se trata de la declaración anual de operaciones con terceras personas. Hacienda cruza datos con esta información, por lo que una gestión impecable de esta es fundamental.

Nos encargamos de presentar el impuesto de sociedades por ti. Desde la recopilación, a la actualización y análisis de los datos, hasta el cálculo del porcentaje de impuestos de sociedades y su presentación anual. En todo momento, te asesoramos y buscamos la mejor opción para tu empresa.

Cómo hacer mi declaración es una pregunta que se hacen muchos profesionales y particulares. Es frecuente tener dudas. Por eso, nosotros te asesoramos y nos encargamos de la obligación del impuesto de renta sobre personas físicas por ti.

Cuando llega un requerimiento de hacienda y notificaciones de trámite en una empresa, debemos estar preparados para responder de forma ágil y adecuada. En MG Prime conocemos a fondo los procesos de los requerimientos y notificaciones. Lo gestionamos todo para que el procedimiento sea satisfactorio y no suponga una interrupción en el ritmo de la organización.

MG Group

Miralbell Guerin is a law firm that was established in 1992 in Barcelona by brothers Luis and Mario Miralbell Guerin, which employs economists to provide coverage and support for companies and individuals in solving legal, tax and general business issues as extensively as possible.

CronoLegal is a LegalTech company specialising in mass debt recovery, which was established based on its accumulated experience in recoveries for different banks and investment funds with regard to: Legal + Management Efficiency + Technology.

Our team

We have a skilled team made up of professional economists and lawyers with a keen interest in training and innovation. We are also used to working with multi-disciplinary teams to offer a different, top quality service to customers. Our success lies in our capacity to anticipate our customers’ needs.


EuropeFides is a multi-disciplinary association of small and medium-sized independent tax, audit, accounting and law firms. The association was created with the aim of connecting trusted professionals with high quality services and expertise in their local jurisdictions and enabling them to compete in an increasingly international cross-border market. Since its creation, EuropeFides has grown rapidly as advisory firms recognise the need to participate in associations to be able to serve an increasingly international market. While initially focused on the European market, EuropeFides has branched out to Asia, the Middle East, Africa and North America. The association currently comprises experts from 45 member firms in 25 jurisdictions providing truly international coverage.

Complying with your tax obligations is easy with us.